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[NEW] VX-B 200/100
8 MAGGIO 2015

NEWS » [NEW] VX-B 200/100

- Die-cast aluminium CRANKCASE with reinforcement ribs.
- Brass HEAD with reinforced stressed areas.
- Forged steel CRANKSHAFT.
- Spherical roller BEARINGS for self-alignment of crankcase, crankshaft and connecting rods; no shimming required in case of bearing replacement.
- Heavy duty bronze CONNECTING RODS.
- Solid ceramic PLUNGERS with very high finished surface.
- Double “V” high pressure SEALS for longer seal life and less maintenance.
- Low pressure SEAL made in teflon & carbon graphite for better chemical resistance and to ensure no leaks after long time storage.
- Stainless steel VALVES with high efficiency spherical design.

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